Extreme Laziness

Meanwhile, on the internet. I really need to make this Minecraft 2D thing multiplayer. Then it’ll be worth talking about. Umm, a big area to work with, you can click to move like a canvas. Keep it simple like an editor updated to the server. Umm output to a text file with revision control?

A paint program with a commit button sounds fun.

Map Editor

A basic implementation of the Minecraft 2D maps system. You can left click to delete blocks and right click to add them. Use the number keys to change the block you’re building with, or just click the one you want.

Comes with some tools like clearing the map, saving your work, and loading from saves. I might even get around to writing a paint bucket.

View source.

Map Generator

After working on the character movement unit test for about five minutes I realized you can’t move a character without having a map first. Originally I tried giving the divs unique IDs based on their coordinates and selecting them by that, but I think it’s cooler to let the DOM handle everything with jQuery.eq();

Check out the source, two functions in all their glory. CreateGrid sets up a grid based on the size of its container. PopulateGrid takes an array of objects which define block types and coordinates.

View source.

Now available in random!

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Welcome to Imaginary Minecraft 2d 2.0

Stolen from touchofdeathforums. With love.

Basic Textures

Rudimentary image manipulation with PHP GD to automatically split texture files into 16×16 chunks. The first test run works fine, except for transparency. Still needs to create a database, allow for defining texture types, and an interface for naming the textures.

An interface for tags. You give it a type and a name. With user select mode or basic patterns like block sizes.

Minecraft 2D is an open source tribute to Minecraft. If you like it, be sure to give notch money and buy the real thing!

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